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I am a visual thinker. I have a passion for experiencing and studying the visual world for its lustrous color, its incredible shapes, and its ability to form our thoughts, emotions, and experiences as we go through life.

I am a mixed media artist, Mosaic Artist, and Fashion designer. I create vibrant, whimsical and dramatic mosaic pieces on various substrates, including wood, wedi board, and concrete structures. I love experimenting with Collage paintings and journals that are layered with rich textures of painted papers, stiched fabric, ink drawings. I love to play with clay and develop whimsical people, animals, and personalities in all clay mediums. There are never enough days or hours to play with all of the mediums I enjoy!!

One of the reasons I teach mosaics and other art forms, is to bring enjoyment to adults who deny themselves the opportunity to 'Play' !!

I love to watch Adults discover the 'Artist' in themselves!


Member of SAMA, Society of American Mosaic Artists

Carri Gunn